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5 Ways To Get More Facebook Fans

5 proven strategies to get more Facebook fans

Every business wants to get more Facebook fans.  Many businesses measure their Facebook marketing success by the number of Likes they have.  While this metric alone cannot be a success metric, getting the Like is very important for getting your message seen.  Until users like your page,

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How To Run A Wildly Successful Facebook Contest


Facebook contests are ubiquitous.  It seems that many businesses realize that their customers expect some kind of reward on its social media assets.  However, is your business doing it right?  Are you running a contest that is in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service?  Is your Facebook

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Facebook Changes Explained And How They Affect Business Marketing (Part 2)


In Facebook Changes Explained (Part 1), I went through how to improve your business’s social media marketing program with the following changes to Facebook: News Feed, Smart Lists, Ticker, Timeline and Email Notification.  This second installment will enable you to maximize your social media marketing efforts with the rest

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Facebook Changes Explained And How They Affect Business Marketing (Part 1)

Facebook F8 Conference

Are you wondering how the Facebook changes are going to impact your company’s social media marketing? Would you like to get a summary of the changes? This post (broken into two parts due to the many changes) will walk you through many of the new features, new displays

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7 Tips To Optimize Facebook News Feed and Increase Page Exposure


Would you like to get more impressions with your Facebook posts and more Facebook Fans?  Of course you do.  The more people that see your messages, the more successful your social media marketing efforts will be for your business. In order to maximize your exposure, you need

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